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learn REAL accents from REAL people

Need to learn a new accent and don’t know where to start?

You’re not alone. Working with unfamiliar sounds can be nerve-wracking: the pressure is piled on to ‘get it right’ for that audition, opening night, recording session or first day of filming.

What if you could put a Voice Coach in your Pocket® to guide you every step of the way?

The Real Accent App: England,The Real Accent App: USA and The Real Accent App: Celtic Nations do just that. An industry-proven 10-step learning programme, authentic native speaker recordings and groundbreaking functionality make this the definitive app series every actor needs.

The REAL Accent App: Key Features

  • 10 full accents per app, with 2-4 native speakers per accent
  • Step-by-step breakdowns for each accent prepared by a top industry coach
  • 87 real people recorded in their original environments
  • Simple-to-use interface for fast problem-solving on the rehearsal room floor
  • Innovative RECORD and COMPARE functions to speed up learning
  • Unique AUTOPLAY and LOOP functions for working hands free
  • An ingenious TEST YOUR EAR quiz that strengthens listening skills
  • Insider industry tips to help adapt an accent to character and script
  • No in-app purchases: one purchase, one download
  • Available for iOS, Android, Fire and Blackberry devices
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  1. Boston
  2. Chicago
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth
  4. General American
  5. Louisiana Creole
  6. Mississippi
  7. New York Brooklyn
  8. Nashville
  9. Oklahoma City
  10. Philadelphia

  • 26 native speakers
  • 4+ hours reference audio
  • 230MB all-inclusive download


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  1. Birmingham
  2. Bristol
  3. Greater Manchester
  4. Leeds
  5. Liverpool
  6. London: Cockney
  7. London: Multi-Cultural
  8. Newcastle/Gateshead
  9. Nottingham
  10. Received Pronunciation

  • 30 native speakers
  • 4+ hours reference audio
  • 280MB all-inclusive download


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  1. Cork (Ireland)
  2. Dublin (Ireland)
  3. Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  4. Aberdeen (Scotland)
  5. Edinburgh (Scotland)
  6. Glasgow (Scotland)
  7. Inverness (Scotland)
  8. Cardiff (Wales)
  9. North Wales: Conwy Valley
  10. South Wales: The Valleys

  • 31 native speakers
  • 4+ hours reference audio
  • 480MB all-inclusive download