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Truly pioneering, essential for the working and studying actor ★★★★★
An amazing tool to help maintain accuracy and authenticity in my work. I'm genuinely excited to get another American role so I can test these accents on stage and screen!
Jill Winternitz
Your apps have really given me the edge ★★★★★
I make use of your apps on a daily basis – voice-dubbing Iranian films into US and UK English. The more accents I can do, the more characters I can play, so the more work I get! Your apps have really given me the edge.
Carel F. Cronje the App Store
A valuable addition to the actor 's tool kit ★★★★★
Informative, intuitive and also very well priced... great selection of accents (US) to choose from... step-by-step format really works. A must buy for any actor.
Andrew Dowbiggin
App that every actor should have. ★★★★★
App that every actor should have or anyone interested in accent, voice or dialect should have.
Loads of fun ★★★★★
And interesting stories too. This will be a boon to budding and working actors alike.
Awesome app for actors ★★★★★
Excellent app for all actors looking to learn accents.
Marie Sophon
Excellent tool for actors ★★★★★
This is very good and very helpful for actors.
...on Twitter
I imagine hundreds of would be film characters will love @realaccentapp - fascinating tool for learning accents
Stephen Fry
Incredible app to help you with your US accents, get a voice coach in your pocket! @realaccentapp
Old Vic New Voices
@realaccentapp my accent helped me sail through my audition, I am unscathed because my RP has improved so much. #thankyou
Olivia Jane Parker
Actors! In need of a ‘pocket’ dialect coach? I couldn’t recommend @realaccentapp more! Possibly the best accent app ever created!
K.C. Wysocka
Brilliant session with @voicesupport last week! If you haven't checked out her accent app you should #TheOriginal & #TheBest @realaccentapp
Katharine Bennett-Fox
@realaccentapp Such a clever app... a must have for actors!
Sabrina Haslam
I've been practising accents & working on my voice so much lately. Now there's @realaccentapp to help me develop further! Thanku @voicesupport
Jemma Houghton
@realaccentapp This app is quite literally a game-changer!
Matthew Quinn the media
Midweek, BBC Radio 4
How English actors become all-American stars... voice coach Catherine Weate and her new app
Libby Purves, Presenter
The Stage
How do you learn a new accent? If you’re already in rehearsal then time will be very short and if you’re out of work you probably can’t afford a one-to-one voice coach. Enter voice coach Catherine Weate and her new app. The Real Accent App.
Susan Elkin, Education and Training Editor
Sardines Magazine
A tool that enables actors to tackle auditions with more confidence and accuracy than ever before.
Paul Cobb - Editor